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5 London Fashion Week Trends To Wear This Spring

Fashion Week is like the holiday season for fashion followers. It’s our favourite time of the year and a staple in our calendar. While this London Fashion Week was a unique experience thanks to the pandemic, it didn’t rob us of inspiration for our spring wardrobe. Digital presentations replaced the usual runway shows and influencers took to social media to share their outfits instead of photographers catching their street style outside events.

This London Fashion Week was all about looking ahead to life after the pandemic, and all the clothes we can’t wait to wear when society opens up again. These are the five trends from London Fashion Week that we’ll be wearing this spring.


If you like a little playful flirtation, you’re going to love the cut-out trend. It focuses on taking cuts out of garments, anywhere from the side of the waist to the décolleté.  These pieces give you effortless seduction without having to slip into a bodycon dress or dealing with unnecessary fabric. You can make this trend wearable for everyday by choosing a traditional cut-out below the neckline. You can channel your inner supermodel with a side or back cut-out to show off your curves.

Checked Prints

You can thank the y2k trend for bringing checked prints back to London Fashion Week. The print is synonymous with the early 2000s and the Clueless film, but it’s also the perfect way to add a little vintage to your outfit. If you want to elevate your look, stick to classic checked prints in hues of red and green. The trend is everywhere this spring and in every colour palette. If you want to save yourself a penny or two, pick a checked skirt up from your local vintage store for an authentic look.

Feather Trims

This London Fashion Week was all about looking forward to the days when we can finally party again. At lockdown, we’re all going to be channeling the roaring 20s of the Gatsby era. Feather trims were one of the big trends of LFW and they’re heading straight to our closet. Although we often associate feather trims with extravagant ballgowns and tailoring, you can add them into your closet with a simple t-shirt or jacket.

Tailored Suits

After a year of wearing loungewear, we’re all ready to bring our suits out from the back of the closet. Tailored suits were one of our favourite LFW trends and the perfect way to show off your quarantine glow-up. You don’t have to run out the door and invest in a custom suit. Instead, you can pull together a few of your favourite pieces to create the illusion of a tailored suit. Start with a tweed jacket and fitted trousers to create your suit, adding in your favourite colours of the season with your accessory choices.

Icy Blue

This spring, we’ll be filling our wardrobe with Princess Elsa blue, the icy shade that complements every skin tone. If you’re not usually a fan of lighter colours, you can start small with accessories and work your way up to a full out. Icy blue is the perfect hue to add to a blue tonal outfit to make it springtime appropriate. You’ll catch us wearing this colour all season long.

Which of these London Fashion Week trends are you favourite? Are you adding any of them to your closet this spring?

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