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6 Tips to Improve Your Sales with Livestream

June 17, 2021


6 Tips to Improve Your Sales with Livestream

Seeing a dip in your sales? Or, want to increase them more? Livestream can help you do that without having to spend a lot.
You can use this powerful marketing strategy to attract the right audience and scale your business sales even with a lean budget.
In this article, we’ll be diving into some powerful strategies that you can use to maximize your product sales.
By the end of it, you’ll be ready to outclass your competitors and gain more customers.
Let’s jump right into the strategies now.

Promote Your Livestream Before Going Live

Doing a livestream for the sake of going live should never be the goal. You should be doing it to attract maximum prospects and make them act on your offer.

Schedule Your Livestreams

Livestreams are one-to-one. You can gain a lot of attention from your prospective customers using the immediacy a livestream offers.
But, it wouldn’t be practical to just go live without informing your potential customers in advance. You can’t be sure if most of them are even available to interact with you live.
What you can do is, schedule your livestream so that people that want to connect with you dedicate that time to it.
Create a poster and include the exact date and time of the livestream. Share it on your social media accounts.
You can get started with Jumble’s own dedicated livestream software and schedule your livestreams ahead of time.

Write a Comprehensive Livestream Description

Your live stream description helps you tell your prospects what you’re going to talk about.
So, you must write a description that not only compels them to mark their calendars but sets their expectations right as well.
Tell them what topics you will be covering, how it will benefit them, and who would benefit the most.
What’s more, find out relevant keywords and use them in your livestream description. This can push your content to the relevant audience on different platforms.
Let’s say you are promoting your livestream on Facebook. Including keywords in the livestream description can help the platform put your content in front of the right users.

Post it Everywhere

After scheduling your livestream and producing promotional content, post it everywhere you think your target customer is hanging out.
It doesn’t matter whether you are using a social media platform or our dedicated livestream software at Jumble.
You should get the word out about your livestream on every social media account. Moreover, if you have an email list, send them an email telling them when you are going live.
You can also ask your friends and family to spread the word around and maximize your reach.
The more your plans get in front of relevant people, the more your chances to engage with the right people.
And, the more will be the chances of generating sales.

Ask Prospects to Register

You can kill two birds with one stone using this strategy. By registering people for your livestream, you’ll also be collecting their contact information, which you can use later in your marketing efforts.
You can also make sure they don’t miss the live event by sending them a final reminder just before going live.
The bottom line is, the more viewers you can attract, the higher sales you can generate.

Work with an Influencer

Influencer marketing is a relatively new strategy that’s bringing great results in virtually every industry. Look at this stat: Marketers get a $5.78 ROI (return on investment) for every $1 spent on influencer marketing.
To leverage influencer marketing, all you’d need to do is find the right influencer and host a livestream with them.
In addition to engaging your existing audience with your brand, this strategy will attract new prospects, allowing you to increase your sales.
Try to get the influencer to use your product and review it on the livestream. It shouldn’t have to be too salesy. Just an honest review will do.
People trust the influencers they follow. So, when a credible influencer recommends a product, the followers are likely to follow suit.

Engage with the Audience

Keeping your livestream engaging should be your top priority. Your livestream should be interesting and encourage viewers to interact with you.
Ask your audience to ask anything they want to know about your products or brand. Answer them right there if you can.
Alternatively, you can note the most relevant questions and answer them in your next stream.
Importantly, don’t go overboard with the timing of the livestream. Even if someone has got time for you, they would prefer to go somewhere else if your livestream doesn’t address their interests.  
It all comes down to sales: A higher engagement will almost always lead to higher sales volume.

Show the Product Live

Livestream provides an excellent platform for showcasing what your product can do. While eCommerce offers great convenience, it still lacks the intimate product-consumer connection. Something a customer can only experience at a brick-and-mortar shop.
What you can do is, show every benefit and feature of your product on a livestream and do an open question and answer session at the end.
The more your audience is going to know about your product, the more people you’ll be able to convert.
Ask your livestream host to show the product in action to make the viewers understand how they are supposed to use it.
Another way to educate your viewers about your product would be to create a short explainer video about the product.
You can play it within the livestream. Then, answer any potential questions that the audience might have about the explainer video.
Showing every detail of your product will not only help you get more sales, but it’ll also reduce your product return rate.
How? Because when there is nothing that the consumer doesn’t know about the product, there will be no reason to return it.

Conduct Live Question and Answer Sessions

As a brand, you want to address every question your potential buyers have. Any unanswered query leaves doubt in their minds. This can hurt your conversions or sales.
There will be a large chunk of consumers that need to know everything about a product before they can invest in it.
These high-quality sales will help you create top-notch content that’ll satisfy virtually every consumer out there.
The best way is to conduct a special question and answer live session about your product. Give the control to your audience. Let them ask whatever they want. Try answering every query about your product in the simplest way possible.
Moreover, Q&A sessions will help you establish yourself as a trusted brand in your industry. When you can address their pain points effectively, you gain their trust.
Make sure when you end your session, you leave your audience completely satisfied, ready to make their purchase decision confidently.

Leverage FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Fear of missing out is one of the most effective selling tactics. It simply works because consumers don’t want to miss out on an opportunity.
Many consumers don’t act because they leave it for later. This attitude can easily lead to inaction. Using FOMO, you can push these prospects over the edge and make them buy your product.
What you can do is, offer something that your potential buyers don’t want to miss out on. For instance, slash 10% off if they buy your product during the livestream.
As the offer will only be valid until the stream ends, you’d be leveraging the fear of missing out. Tell them what price they would have to pay after the offer ends.
Another impactful strategy to get people to pull their wallets out is offering product bundles at a relatively lower price.
But again, your offer should only stand for a limited period. Make sure you don’t keep it after the deadline. Otherwise, your prospects might not believe you the next time. And, customers’ trust is an important asset in business.  
You can also use other techniques to evoke the FOMO. These include:
• Mentioning a celebrity or an influencer
• Showing social proof or customer testimonials
• Offering a discount for a limited number of sales

Final Thoughts

A livestream isn’t only great for connecting with your prospects, but it can also help you increase your sales.
Using an engaging livestream, you can educate your audience about your product, helping them make an informed buying decision.
You can also use the FOMO during your livestreams by offering a limited-time offer to make more sales. In addition, show social proof and answer any questions the audience might have to build your trust and credibility.
It all comes down to this: An engaging livestream can help you get more sales. You just need to educate your prospects about your product and connect with them on a personal level.


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