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Everything You Need To Know About Livestream Shopping

What Is Livestream Shopping and How Does It Work?

Livestream shopping is a new popular trend that allows customers to find out more about their favourite brands, ask questions, and the option to buy items straight from the Livestream. It also offers customers a more engaging experience than simply clicking and loading a virtual shopping cart. Livestream shopping takes advantage of social media's natural interactivity. Comments flash through the screen as audiences tune in.

Livestream shopping is more than just an e-commerce extension. It gives a sense of fun and liveliness to the consumer experience while still creating a feeling of connection that isn't possible with conventional online shopping.

Similar to in-person shopping, through comments, prospective buyers can engage with the host. They can ask questions about the goods being shown, ask questions about size or feeling, request to see the interior or various angles of products. A more dynamic atmosphere is generated from this degree of engagement between customers and Livestream hosts.

How it varies from Home Shopping?

But haven't we already seen this kind of approach? After all, home shopping was great throughout the '90s and early '00s.

So how does shopping on livestream vary from its predecessor?

Livestream shopping takes advantage of the entire scope of social media, to begin with. Unlike at-home shopping, which encouraged participants to connect with the host by call-ins, livestream shopping allows for a more intimate relationship between the host and those viewing.

Via comments, anybody watching the stream could ask questions about the product, ask for a specific perspective to be shown, and so on.

Where you would use one-to-many Livestream shopping?

If the product is being endorsed by an influencer or celebrity. If an influencer is marketing his latest Whiskey cocktail, for example, you want to reach as many people as possible.

Seasonal holidays – one-to-many video shopping is a great way to get the most out of your audience during specific holidays. For example, what if underwear brands aired a one-hour special a few days before Valentine's Day, advising men on how to shop for lingerie for their partner? Facilitating a one-to-many discussion, in this case, may make some people who are hesitant to have a one-on-one conversation about the subject feel more at ease.

Product launches – this is a great idea for luxury or limited-edition products. Brands could send an email to their database inviting a select group of customers to a preview of a new item. The customer will still feel valued as a result of the invitation, but the brand will reach a larger audience.

Influencer collaboration – last year, Chinese mega-influencer Viya chatted with Kim Kardashian while being live.   With just one viewer, this massive collaboration would have been lost, but thanks to one-to-many broadcasting, Kim's new perfume sold out all 15,000 bottles in minutes.

What is the Overall Benefit of Live-Stream Shopping?

During the pandemic, live-stream shopping and online retailers benefitted immensely, but it also made a significant contribution to a more progressive approach to shopping.

Brands have developed methods that are more efficient and effective than in-person retail could ever be – or has ever been.

The pandemic has demonstrated that having an online presence is essential for a successful brand, as well as new digital advancements. Customers who have never been able to reach a store can now speak with an expert in person. Groups with limited mobility – the ability to leave the house or make a long trip to a city to visit a store – now have access to brands that were previously unavailable.

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