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Gua Sha: At Home Beauty Tool- Technique, Benefits, and Side Effects

Gua sha is a natural alternative therapy involving scrapping your skin with a massage tool to improve blood circulation. This old Chinese healing technique can offer a unique approach to better health, addressing problems such as chronic pain. Gua Sha is a traditional practice that originated from Eastern Asian culture. It means scraping the pain away. This detoxifying full body treatment was used in ancient times as a medical practice to relaxes body muscles, face, and neck. This relaxing ritual is used to increase blood circulation and provides skin smoothness and softness. Gua Sha is a crystal stone that is gently stroked across the skin for detoxifying and relacing results. ‘Gua’ means scrape, in this process skin is scraped off with a crystal stone which enhances the microcirculation of soft tissues. These small strokes improve the blood flow. It is best to apply any essential oil before you use Gua Sha on your face or body.

How to Use Gua Sha?

First, the skin is applied with massage oil or balm then with a smooth edge blunt tool (crystal stone) strokes the skin in a downward motion. Here’s a step-by-step guide towards the basic Gua Sha technique.

·      Do not use Gua Sha on a bare face. Always apply some massage oil or face moisturizer/balm before using crystal stone.

·      Now stroke the Gus Sha in a downward motion starting from neck to jaw-line and then move on to the face.

·      Gently stroke once or twice on the same area.

·      You can always use it under your eyes to de-puff and reduce any redness.

·      Gua Sha helps reduce tension and also increases blood flow.

Benefits of Gua Sha


The Gua Sha Sculpting Tool is built to mimic an ancient healing tool from China. Gua Sha can enhance blood flow to the face when used with long, firm massage strokes. It improves the skin texture/tone, helps to remove toxins and reduce puffiness by boosting the lymphatic system. Gua Sha has a deeply holistic influence on the body. This manual intervention activates our lymphatic system and removes toxins from our body.

Stress Buster

Add Gua Sha to your skincare routine and see a drastic change on your face. Our face and neck held too much stress and anxiety. Using Gua Sha makes your muscles feel relaxed and also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Face Tightening

The distinctive edges of the Gua Sha crystals work well to lift, shape, and tighten the muscle. Daily use can prevent signs of aging wrinkles and dullness. Since Gua Sha helps promote circulation, the technique itself detoxifies and provides nutrition to the skin. The improved flow of blood resulting from Gua Sha leads to a more vibrant and radiant look.

Hepatitis B & Headaches

Research suggests that Gua sha can reduce chronic inflammation of the liver. According to a study, a 72-year-old woman with persistent headaches received Gua sha over some time. Her migraines decreased during this period, suggesting that this ancient healing technique could be a successful remedy for headaches. More research is needed to prove these claims.

Skin Care

Gua Sha is the skincare technique to get rid of any impurities and toxins from your body resulting in glowing healthy skin. It also removes the dead skin layer from your face acting as a natural scrubbing instrument. It scarps off the dead cells which help serum/moisturizer to reach deeply into the skin. Serums work well when penetrated deep into the skin and provide better hydration. Gua Sha can also be used for acne prevention and clearing, skin decongesting, and inflammation control.

How Often Should You Use Gua Sha?

If you are looking for quick results then using Gua Sha every other day is fine. But if you are struggling with acne-prone skin or any other skin problems then you should be very gentle while using Gua Sha. Consider using Gha Sha once or twice a week if you see any reaction such as itchiness or irritation. It is important to work in a gentle way that allows the skin to respond to movements and use its natural strength to rejuvenate.

Which Crystal Gua Sha to Use?

Jade is perhaps the most common and easily available tool for Gua sha. Jade has calming and relaxing properties that make the skin feel relaxed. The typical choice for facial rolling and Gua sha is a green jade. It is considered the finest gemstone in ancient Chinese skin therapies in traditional medicine. The procedure is not meant to be painful, but Gua sha often causes swelling, which in certain people can irritate. These wounds can cure within a few days.

Gua Sha Risk and Side Effects

Gua sha causes tiny blood vessels called capillaries to burst at the surface of the skin. It causes redness and bruises, known as sha. It can take few days to properly heal bruising on your skin. The bruised area should be covered. An ice pack can help to minimize inflammation and relieve the pain. Make sure that you don’t rip the skin off your face. Always use gentle strokes because broken skin/open wounds are prone to infection. Sterilize your instruments to minimize the risk of infection and skin irritation. Do not use Gua Sha if you have;

·      Acne-prone skin

·      Skin that easily bleeds or sensitive skin

·      If you are on certain medications that go into your bloodstream

·      If you have an open wound that hasn’t been healed yet

·      If you have any implants or fillers

The Bottom Line

Professionals suggest that Gua sha promotes fresh oxygenated blood supply to the body. It releases unhealthy body matter from blood stasis thereby encouraging cell regeneration, growth and healing. Gua sha is used to cure a host of diseases and illnesses but a lot of studies are required before we make a final judgment. Gua sha is unlikely to have any major side effects, but it can be uncomfortable for some people. A person who wants to get Gua sha should make sure that he or she goes to an experienced practitioner.

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