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How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Future of Fashion?

Artificial intelligence is changing our everyday lives, so it’s no surprise that we’re starting to see it popping up in the fashion industry. Thanks to COVID-19, this development has been super charged and sped up to arrive quickly than most of us expected. While it’s impossible to predict the future, especially where technology is involved, there’s a few clear trends that we’re seeing.

Changing Manufacturing Processes

It’s no secret that the fashion industry is a leading cause of climate change and that we need a modern technological solution to fast fashion.

Predicting fashion trends can feel virtually impossible. As after all, more of them are coming from interesting and unexpected places like TikTok and Netflix shows. AI technology is being utilised to help brands more accurately predict future trends to reduce waste. It’s also helping them create a more efficient manufacturing process by reducing shipping costs and lowering transit times.

When the clothes are being assembled, AI systems are being used to help spot any defects in the fabrics and to make sure there isn’t any discolouration in the fabric, so that it’s as close as possible to the original design. This technology is helping to reduce employee oversight and to prevent unnecessary waste.

Improving Your Shopping Experience

Most of the e-commerce websites that you visit, now have a ‘chat with us’ function. In some cases, you’ll get to speak to a customer service representation. In other cases, you’ll be speaking to a bot who is programmed to answer specific questions and help you with the order process. Artificial intelligence is also helping brands understand how we shop and what drives us to making certain purchase. You can even have a chatbot help you figure what shoes you should buy to go with a specific dress.

Some shopping apps are now allowing you to upload photos or screenshots of outfits or specific pieces that you’re looking to buy. The image recognition system will be able to find you suitable products that look similar to the items you’ve chosen. It can also direct you to where the item is available and allow you to find it at the best price.

Extensions like Shoptagr are making it easier to keep track of your virtual shopping list. This AI technology allows you to save specific items to your wish list, with the option of being notified as soon as it goes on sale, or when it comes back in stock. Other apps like Honey can also automatically search the internet to help you find the best coupons and discount codes to save you those extra pennies.

Preventing Counterfeit Goods

We all know how lucrative the counterfeit industry is. It’s become virtually impossible to tell if a bag is authentic or not, as so-called ‘super fakes’ become more common. Everything from the receipt to the packaging and security tags are being replicated as a way to sell counterfeit bags as the real deal. Brands are now fighting back by using artificial intelligence. Louis Vuitton is the latest luxury designer to announce they’re looking into using the technology to add microchips to their bags and leather goes, which can be read by an app to prove their authenticity.

What AI developments do you expect to see in the fashion industry in the future?

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