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How to attract customers to your live stream

Now that you are looking into this exciting opportunity for your brand, it is time to think about how to prepare the audience for your live stream. You will have an audience that joins from seeing your video browsing the platform like Jumble, but you still want to expand awareness further by letting the right audience know this must-not-miss event is coming up. Many of us scrolling through pages and websites will see something we like and tell ourselves we will get it later, we put it into the basket or save it on Instagram. It is crucial your audience remembers this event that is one of its own and marks it with a red glad. Here are some ways you can make sure your audience will put your announcement into the important category:

Make the announcement beforehand

Announce when you will be live streaming a week or two before. This you can do on all your social media pages and your website. Having chosen a host to lead it, you want to spread a little information on them so the audience can check out their social media and get a better idea of why this will be interesting to watch - it is more than a one way commercial! You can create enticing advertisements in the theme of the future stream, as if sprinkling reminders they will remember. Not being repetitive is key, as it will just become another post they skip.

Choose the right host

Get the host to announce themselves as a host of your stream, sharing why live streaming is a fun and worthwhile experience for their fans and discount scavengers. You want them to give their audience an introduction of the theme of the sales, talk about your brand universe and why they believe in it, maybe giving a sneak peak into their favourite items. You don’t want to give away all of the perks they will have while watching it -discounts and prizes, but you want the audience to know it will be there. It might be interesting to do a ‘giveaway’, by choosing 10 people who comment, follow your page and share with friends the announcement of the steaming date, who will win a product or a discount. Email everyone on the subscribers the link a few hours or a day before, not too long before so it doesn’t get lost.

Drop news about upcoming collection

If you have a new collection or new products coming out, spike up excitement by selling it live a month or a few before they get released on the shop. Your audience wants to feel special, the possibility to have what no one else has seen yet will make them feel unique and like they have won a deal.  While awareness of live stream selling is rising, it is still not mainstream. That is why when they get something that is still not on the market, they will be not only happy with the product, but with the way they got it. This will have them sharing with all their friends, making them extremely curious. Limited edition pieces is something you can also incorporate into your production and maybe consider selling on live stream only. The deals your audience gets buying live is already an exclusive experience, but what can be more exclusive than being one of the few to manage to buy it, when it is not on the regular e-market? The process of buying on a platform like Jumble is bullet-fast, making regular sales a second process. Imagine the hype the audience feels the second you announce this rare product - just like Supreme, yet without the checkout page processing. A matter of seconds.  


Make sure to always change up the discounts, so after the first stream your clients will know to be on their toes for the next one. You can announce different pre-deals, like posting on your social media accounts that 5 viewers will win something. Somebody who shares the stream will have an opportunity to choose on which product they will have a discount when you go live, they will dm you their live selling platform username, you will call them out to give the perk later on. We are all attention and best-deal creatures, make sure to give your audience an opportunity to show themselves and participate not only by watching and asking questions.

Be exclusive

The biggest puzzle piece of creation of excitement that captures the interests of your audience is exclusivity. You know how world wide everyone goes crazy on Black Friday, that one special time of the year for retailers, brands and shoppers. That is why we suggest that the same level of accessibility is kept for your live sessions. You are more likely to have the highest sales if your audience looks forward to your event, does not miss it and makes the most of it while there. How often you do it will have an effect on how many of your viewers come back for each one. Making it more often does not mean higher sales.

Schedule your livestream

Lastly, if you choose a specific day of the week and the same time for your weekly stream, you are more likely to engrave that time slot in the memory of each one who comes across your brand. It will become habitual for your viewers to free up time and come online just to see what you will have to offer each time.

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