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How to Dress Outside of Your Comfort Zone?

We all get into the habit of wearing the same clothes repeatedly. If it’s not the exact same garment, it’s usually something similar. While it’s great to have a signature look, it’s easy to become trapped inside your comfort zone and feeling like it’s impossible to step outside of it. Maybe you have a Pinterest board full of outfit inspiration that is a million miles from anything you wear day to day. Life is too short for us to not wear the clothing we want to. We’ve put together a few tips to show you how to start dressing outside of your comfort zone so that you can wear the clothing you want.

Get Comfortable in Your Body

What is often holding us back from trying new styles is ourselves. If you’re not confident in your body type, there might be a specific style of clothing that you turn to in order to hide away. You might have a habit of wearing clothes that are two or three sizes too big for you. Before you start navigating a different style, you want to become confident in yourself and your body.

It might take you a lifetime, but small steps can make you feel more confident in yourself and your body type. Start by filling your Instagram feed with size inclusive bloggers and influencers.

Find Your Personal Style

To get outside your comfort zone, you want to figure out where it is you want to go. Spend some time flicking through your social media profiles and screenshot outfits that speak to you. It’s a great idea to start a Pinterest account that can double as a vision board. You don’t have to just look at outfits for inspiration, you can pick out colours and aesthetics as well.

Once you’ve got some pictures together, you can start to see what it is that attracts you to those outfits. Is it the bold colours? Is it a specific time era? Is it the silhouette and fit? Having a source of reference can help you work this out and recreate outfits further down the line.

Start Small

Making the transition outside of your comfort zone shouldn’t happen overnight. Start by taking baby steps. If you’re taking a leap outside of your fashion comfort zone, this might mean you need to start putting together a new closet. If this is the case, start with one outfit at a time. You don’t have to go out of your comfort zone for every piece of your outfit. Start with one garment at a time or choose accessories that reflect your new style. Slow and steady wins the race.

Shop Second Hand

Speaking of shopping, going outside your fashion comfort zone can quickly get expensive. It can also take some trial and error to figure out what it is you want to wear. Instead of throwing your bank balance at a wardrobe of new clothes, it’s a good idea to try looking second hand. Not only is this a more sustainable option, it’ll also save you a significant amount of clothing in the process. If a new piece doesn’t work, you can put it for sale on Depop or donate it to your local charity shop.

Are you trying to dress outside of your fashion comfort zone? What tips or tricks have you been using?

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