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How To Make Cloud Bread – The Latest TikTok Food Trend

Do you ever look at the clouds and wish they were edible? Well, with the help of a TikTok trend, you can have the next best thing. Cloud bread is easier to make and a beginner friendly recipe. All you need is three ingredients to make this fluffy cloud inspired treat. Warning: you’ll want to share this recipe all over your social media feed. Make sure to take a photo of your bread before you dig into it.

What is Cloud Bread? It’s a TikTok food trend that has over 3billion views on its hashtag. A quick scroll through the hashtag will show you bread in every colour of the rainbow, making it a fun recipe you can treat at home. You need corn-starch, egg whites, and sugar to make this recipe. It’s a little like making a meringue that looks like a giant puff ball. This tastes more like marshmallows than bread, meaning you could double it up as a desert.


  • Cornstarch is added to this recipe to help the bread soak up any extra liquid to keep it moist. It also gives the cloud bread its distinctive shiny finish.
  • Egg whites give your loud bread its signature fluffiness and shape. The hardest part of this recipe is making sure you separate the eggs properly and don’t get any yolk into your mixture. A pro-tip is to keep your eggs chilled as they’ll be easier to separate. If you’re not sure about separating egg whites, you can buy them in a carton from your local grocery store. 
  • This recipe calls for three large egg whites or 6 tablespoons if you’re using a container.
  • White sugar stabilises the egg whites and make them fluffier, it also adds a little extra sweetness to the recipe.
  • Food colouring is an optional ingredient, but it’ll make your cloud bread all the more picture perfect. You can choose any colour under the rainbow, but pastel shades are the most popular.

How To Make Cloud Bread:

Now you know the ingredients you need, here is a simple step-by-step guide for making your cloud bread.

  1. Separate your egg whites and whisk them together in a clean bowl. You can whisk them by hand or using a whisking machine on a medium-low setting. Keep whisking until the egg whites go a frothy and pale consistency.

  1. Add in the sugar to your mixture, a little bit at a time to stop it flying back at you. You want to keep mixing until the sugar dissolves into the mixture and the egg whites start to foam.

  1. Sift the corn-starch into the mixture to prevent any lumps. You can whisk on a higher setting until you have a thick meringue consistency which holds a peak. You’ll know the mixture is ready when you lift the whisk and the egg whites hold a peak. It should have a smooth finish, almost like shaving cream. If you’re feeling brave, you can lift the bowl to check that it’s holding its shape.

  1. Use a spatula to scoop out the mixture and shape it into a cloud on a parchment sheet.

  1. Bake your cloud bread on a low heat in the oven until it has a golden finish.

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