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The 5 Colour Trends You’ll Be Wearing in 2021

When we think of trends, we often focus on specific garments and aesthetics. Colours play just as important a role in defining trends, and they’re more overarching than any style niche or specific trend. Whether you’re a fan of the Y2k aesthetic or you have a classic Preppy style, these colours are a way you can incorporate the latest trends into your daily wardrobe. We’re rounding up the 5 biggest colour trends for 2021 that you’ll want to add to your wardrobe ASAP.

Bubblegum Pink

Elle Woods called; she wants her signature colour back. Pink is a colour that always makes a comeback in spring. The bubblegum shade is a bold choice that’s been spurred on by the resurgence of early 2000s trends. It is a transition colour between a pastel and a neon, making it easy to style and versatile for your wardrobe. Don’t feel like you have to go off the deep end with a head-to-toe pink tonal outfit. You can start small and incorporate the colour into your wardrobe with a bag or a peplum top.


If you want a pastel colour that isn’t overwhelming, now is your time. Mellow yellow is one of the biggest colour trends for 2021, giving you a more muted down than sunshine yellow to make it the perfect alternative to white. Incorporate this shade into your closet for spring and summer to bright a little sun with you wherever you go. We think this colour would look perfect in a smock dress or a pair of sneakers if you want to make a statement.

Tangerine Orange

Get in your daily dose of vitamin C with a tangerine orange outfit. The key to pulling off this trend is to focus on this deeper shade, as opposed to the coral oranges you start to see around spring and summer time. Various shades of vibrant orange have been appearing every few seasons, particularly for the warmer months. It’s the perfect alternatives to pastels and neon shades like yellow. You can wear this colour from head to toe or incorporate it with more muted shades like black.


If you’re a fan of pink, 2021 is the year for you. Magenta pink is a deeper shade than bubblegum pink and sits closer to purple than it does to a pastel pink. You can also find some shades that have a red undertone to them. Magneta pink works all year round, especially in autumn and winter as an alternative to lighter shades.

Acid Green

When we see this shade of green, we instantly think of Billie Eilish. This acid green is a little more muted than what the singer typically wears, but she’s a driving force behind this trend. This colour shits between green and yellow, as a low-key neon shade that is wearable for everyday. You can incorporate this colour into your wardrobe through everything from combat boots to maxi dresses and boyfriend fit shirts.

Which of these colours are your favourite? Which 2021 colour trend are you jumping on?

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