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What you will need for a livestream

-cameras, microphone, lighting, people 

-where to look, how to act

Although live streaming takes less much preparation than filming a professional advertisement which means coming up with a catchy concept idea, professional equipment and a lot of spendings, it is still a good idea to take in consideration that the quality of experience you create for the viewers, will affect the length of them staying to watch it, hence having the opportunity to sell out your products. There host will have to improvise most of the communication and just be himself like you would on a typical social media live, you can ensure it will run smoothly by taking in mind and controlling the following factors:

Equipment and setting-up

Using a phone with a good camera quality will allow you to stream directly from the streaming platform like Jumble. You will need to make sure it’s positioning grabs a good angle that will allow you to move around within it, or put it into a stabilizing tripod/selfie-stick. There are many you can find with a microphone and a torch light. This will give you the ability to take the audience with you around the studio, boutique or wherever you will be going, creating even more excitement for them. It is important to consider that if you go to noisier places, you will need a good microphone that filters out the noise for audio experience optimization. Streaming really requires much less hustle with equipment preparation in comparison to a typical advertisement. 

Be sure to check you are streaming from a place with good internet connection or service right before the live. Although the live might not stop, technical errors are annoying for the viewers. If you are going to be moving around, you need to consider this beforehand.

You want to consider when your target audience is most active and what sort of experience would they enjoy. If it is late at night, consider that they will be at home, and a sense of familiarity and casualness will bring a lot of comfort. You don’t want to put them asleep though, so make sure the host is ready to entertain without being overbearing. 


The host will need someone to be on stand-by, who can pass them the products if needed, bring them water or snacks and give a hand with heftier products like furniture. You don’t want to go “out of character” by struggling with clearing the space for the presentation of the next product or your cat sitting in front of the camera. All sorts of things will happen and the host will have to adapt to them casually and make a laugh out of it, yet you don’t want these situations to steal the time slot reserved for a discount. 


The host has to know which products will go after which, it might be a good idea to variate them by making the more exciting ones come later during a stream or in between other ones less desirable. Although it is hard to make a definite time slot because the host will have to prioritize communicating with the audience as much as possible, it is still a good idea not to spend too much time on each one and to put a little pressure on the viewers to make up their mind to buy. You will help this decision by knowing when to speed them up by offering discounts for the first ones to buy it and in an auction-like style remind them that time is running out. You will have to strategize beforehand which combinations of products will have a discount, or 2-1 offers and other variations of perks you can offer, and strategically integrate them into the sale by the order of products. You don’t want to offer all of the juiciest offers at the beginning, yet you want to excite the public from the moment they join. 

The host will have to always remember that behind the screen there is a crowd of people and it is not just a recording. By always communicating in a lively manner, asking them what they want to know or making them have fun when they are responding less is a great way to keep the audience on their toes. Even if there are two hosts, whatever they are doing together be it talking or sharing advice or live reactions, they always have to make the audience feel included and noticed. Read out their reactions with their username, ask personal questions to get to a better idea of who is behind the screen. There are many ways for all parties to have fun, important is to go with the flow with the consideration of the factors we listed here. 

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