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Why Do Marketers Need to Focus on Livestreaming?

August 6, 2021


Why Do Marketers Need to Focus on Livestreaming?

Marketing is a continuously evolving industry, which can leave marketers on their toes. They need to come up with effective ways to keep reaching the right audience.

Video content is proving to be effective at that. And, brands that are using livestreaming to achieve their business goals are seeing great results.

So, if you are a business that hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon of livestreaming, you might be missing out on a huge potential here.

In this article, we talk about the importance of livestreaming for marketers and businesses. By the end of it, you’ll know why you need to get started right now!

Let’s dive in.

Livestreams are Attractive

It doesn’t matter if your current strategies are working or not. If an opportunity knocks on the door, you better take it.

Livestreams are incredibly attractive for your prospects because of two reasons.

1. They are intimate and “Now”
2. They let the audience effectively interact with the streamer (brand)

Not only that, but search engines and social media platforms love livestreams. Algorithms give a boost to live videos over traditional videos so that more and more people can interact with the content.

Livestreams Inspire Engagement

Livestream content is fresh and interactive. People want the latest news and stories from their favorite sources.

Consumers tend to engage with livestreams better. And, we know that engagement is one of the most powerful driving forces for action.

So, when you engage your audience, you increase your chances of conversions. But, for that, you do have to craft content that hooks your audience to your streams.
Here are a few tips to boost livestream engagement:

1. Conduct Q&A sessions: You can either do a session where you ask them about their pain points. Or, you can do a session where you let your audience ask anything about your brand, industry, and products.

2. Do giveaways: It’s not difficult to get people to take out some time for free stuff, right? Once in a while, conduct a giveaway to keep your audience excited about your brand.

3. Choose the right topics: One way to keep your audience hooked to their screens is by talking about what they want to hear.

What you can do is, get suggestions from them and conduct live sessions on those topics. Of course, you’ll have to keep these sessions related to your brand or industry.

Livestreams are Cost-effective

Another reason why every marketer should consider doing livestreaming for their business is its cost-effectiveness.

Money is most probably the primary motivation for any business. You want to implement strategies that don’t make a dent in your marketing budget.

Here is a list of stuff you’d need for a perfectly effective livestream for your business.

1. A camera and a mic
2. A computer device
3. A livestreaming software
4. A stable internet connection

Probably the only thing you’ll have to invest in is livestream software. And, that shouldn’t have to be expensive either.

In addition to providing a fun live shopping experience, Jumble.tv lets you stream your business livestreams without hassle.

Provides a Better Consumer-Product Connection

A consumer needs to know about the product before they can invest in it. Brands that put some effort into showing their products in an effective way drive more conversions.

The more knowledgeable your prospect is about your product, the more confidently they can make a decision.

While you can show a product on a recorded video, a livestream provides a platform where the audience can ask about it.  

There might be questions that they need to know the answers to. While you can make educated guesses, you can’t assume all the possible questions.

So, let your audience ask about the product through livestreams. Often, people don’t buy something because of insufficient information about the product.

By addressing those prospects, you’ll be able to substantially improve your results.
What you can do is, present your product in a way to address every possible question of a target customer. And, then, conduct a Q&A session to see if they still have more to ask.

An effective way to make your audience feel connected to the product is by using it on your stream. If they can see how your product solves their problems, nothing should prevent them from purchasing it.

It Leverages Content and Influencer Marketing

Marketers would know how effective content marketing can be if implemented right. And, no one can deny the impact of influencers in the marketing world.

Content marketing and influencer marketing can work wonders when you pair them up with the engaging nature of livestreams.

Content marketing is when you use the power of content to market a product or business. Influencer marketing is when an influencer works with you to further your marketing goals.

Put an influencer on a livestream, provide them with high-quality, valuable content, and you’ll see your engagement going through the roof.

How to Get Started with Marketing Livestreams?

One of the great things about livestreams is that you don’t need to go through the whole video editing process.

You can just prepare a script, do some marketing, set up your equipment, and start interacting with the audience face-to-face.

You will, however, need to check a few boxes if you want your livestreams to go seamless.

Prepare a Script

You don’t want to go in front of your target customer without planning your content. A well-crafted script will make sure that everything goes in one direction.

Remember that livestreams should be interactive, so you don’t want to focus too much on the script. The primary purpose of a script should be to prevent your livestream from derailing from the main topic.

Market Your Stream

You don’t want to skip the marketing part of your livestream. You aren’t going to attract an audience if you don’t invest your resources in telling them about it.

If you have an established audience on any social media platform, getting the word across would be easier.

A good way to bring people to your livestream is by registering people for it. This way, you can build your email list too.

And, sending out a reminder email that you are going live is a good way to maximize your livestream’s viewer count.

Plus, you can speed up the registration process by running paid ads on social media platforms like Facebook. But, make sure to invest your advertising budget on the platform where your target audience is present.

Use the Right Tools

Fortunately, anyone with a lean budget can execute an effective business livestream. Most of the equipment that you’d need is readily available.

The only investment you’d have to do is livestream software. Luckily, Jumble has its own livestream software that’s easy to use and effective.

While going with a social media platform may seem like an easier option, those livestream platforms don’t offer the flexibility you need as a business.

You want to control the user data and build your audience on an independent platform.
In addition to that, you’d need a stable internet connection and equipment (computer, mic, tripod, camera).

Final Thoughts

We are seeing a continuous shift in the online marketing landscape. Strategies that used to work in the past are now obsolete.

Think of the classic billboard. When did you last buy something after seeing a billboard from a brand?
Today, internet users love consuming videos and livestreams. Marketers need to follow their audience. So, if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon of livestreaming as a marketer, now would be the time to take action.

Join jumble’s own livestream software to conduct effective livestreams for your brand easily.


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