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The TikTok Inspired Fashion Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

When the pandemic hit, most of us finally decided to get on TikTok. Since then, the app has rivalled Instagram for its ability to start a trend and make something go viral. It’s turned average people into celebrities and dominated the fashion industry by setting trends and cancelling skinny jeans. We’re rounding up five of the biggest TikTok inspired Fashion trends that you don’t want to miss out on.


Generation Z dominate the TikTok app, making it no surprise that they’re largely in control of the fashion trends that come from the platform. Gen Z babies were born from 1997-2012, meaning they were too young to experience the early 2000s trends. There are over 1.3 billion videos (yep, billion!) on the #y2k on TikTok. Picture what Paris Hilton was wearing in the early to mid-2000s, and you won’t go far wrong!

Sweater Vests

Whether it’s crocheting yourself a sweater vest, or stealing it from your grandma’s closet, this is one of the biggest trends on TikTok. You can think Harry Styles for kicking it off. TikTokers are wearing them with everything from baggy t-shirts to bralettes. Argyle is the most popular print for this top, which is part of the Y2K trend, as well as being inspired by the late 70s and early 80s. These sweater vests are unisex, and you might find a better fit and look from the menswear section!

Corset Tops

TikTok fell in love with Bridgerton series on Netflix, with the app quickly filling with videos of girls recreating the classic corset look. Corsets have gone beyond being lingerie to being a top in their own right. You can style them over a dress for a more modest look or wear them on their own with jeans for an evening appropriate look. You can channel your inner Scarlett O’Hara with a waist cinching corset.

Sustainable Fashion

One trend that’s come from TikTok is more impactful than the rest. Most of the videos you’ll see on the app, particularly by younger creators, focus on the dangers of fast fashion and promoting sustainable alternatives. Influencers on the app are advocates for shopping second-hand, either through consignment stores like Vestiaire Collective, apps like Depop, or in second-hand stores. The 70s is one of the loved eras by generation Z users, who are thrifting through Etsy and vintage stores to recreate the era’s looks.

Flared Pants

Now this trend is slightly debatable. Millenials call them ‘yoga pants’, while the Gen Z on TikTok have renamed them to ‘flared pants’. Most of the trends from TikTok focus on comfort over aesthetic, with many users calling for an end to skinny jeans in favour of a looser fit. Flared trousers are a 70s trend, which might explain their resurgence on the app. Good news, if you’re a millennial, you can dig out your old yoga pants and call them vintage!

What do you think of TikTok fashion trends? Where do you stand on the ‘flated pants’ vs ‘yoga pants’ debate?

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