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10 Tips for a Successful Business Livestream in 2021

July 22, 2021


10 Tips for a Successful Business Livestream in 2021

Livestream shopping has been a major technological shift in the retail industry. The popularity of brick-and-mortar shops was already on the decline before livestream shopping was a thing.
The introduction of livestream shopping is evolving the eCommerce industry. Now, consumers and brands can interact one-on-one over the internet.
This leads to more trust and more business, especially for the brands that are trying to get into a new or competitive market.
See, with livestreaming, it’s not that difficult to gain the credibility and trust of a target audience. Plus, it’s cost-effective as well.
But, you do need to be on the right track to achieve your business goals with livestreaming.

Planning is Vital

Planning your livestreams is a vital part of the process. You don’t want to lose your hard-earned audience by letting your livestream go off the rails.
From content to equipment, you need to sort out everything that can have an impact on the effectiveness of your livestream.
It’s pretty simple though. Fortunately, livestreams don’t require a lot of resource investment to be impactful.
But, you do need the right tools and powerful and engaging content to keep your viewers hooked to your stream.
Here are 10 tips from Jumble for a successful business livestream.

Ensure a Smooth Internet Connection

The internet is the only thing that keeps you connected with your audience on a livestream. So, a stable internet connection is probably the number 1 requirement of a business livestream.
Switching to a wired internet connection can be a good idea as it tends to be faster, which will help you carry out your streams without interruptions.

A Wi-Fi connection can be fast, but you can’t be sure about its stability. Your device keeps on scanning for new connections, so you can see a dip in the performance.

While a wired connection doesn’t necessarily guarantee a faster internet connection, it’s more reliable You don’t want an unstable internet connection while interacting with your potential customers.

Market and Promote in Advance

Before you go live, you want to create a buzz around your livestream. The more you promote, the higher the number of viewers you’ll get.
Let’s talk about a few promotion tactics that you should be practicing.
1. Create a detailed yet interesting description of your livestream and spread the word around on different social media channels. It’s important that you tell your prospects what they should expect from your livestream.
2. A creative way to build some excitement around your live event is by making people curious about it. For instance, mentioning that you have an exciting surprise for them can pique their curiosity. Keep in mind that underdelivering can lead to distrust.
3. Another way to attract more of the right people to your stream is by offering an incentive just for the livestream viewers.
4. You can also use the FOMO (fear of missing out) to bring new leads to your livestreams. For instance, you can announce a live contest and a prize at the end of it. Make sure the prize is something that your dream buyers find value in.
5. Lastly, you also want to use the power of advertisement and opt-in forms to get as many people as possible to register for your livestream.

Use the Right Equipment

You shouldn’t have to invest a lot in your livestream equipment. The beauty of livestreaming is its simplicity.
All you’d need to execute a perfect livestream for your business is:
1. A computer or laptop
2. A camera and a mic
3. A livestream software
4. A stable internet connection
Also, make sure the sound and visual quality are up to the mark before going live.

Do a Test Run

After you plan your livestream, it’s a good idea to do a test run to make sure everything goes according to the plan. A test run is important to:
• Make sure your internet is fast and stable
• Check the sound and visuals

Engage Your Viewers

One of the most effective ways to engage a livestream audience is by asking questions. It could be an open-ended question like “What do you think about our brand?”.
However, a closed question like “Do you understand me?” has a better chance of getting a response. Anything that doesn’t require much thinking from your audience will do.
In addition, when you call someone by their name, it gets their attention. You can mention viewers by their names to make them feel that you care about them.
An effective way to attract the right kind of people that are more likely to engage with you is by setting the right expectations.
If they know what you are going to talk about next and they’re still with you, it would be easier for you to engage with them.

Work With an Influencer

By integrating livestreaming with influencer marketing, you can easily multiply your livestream success. See, influencer marketing is a great way to tap into a completely new audience base for your brand.
Influencers know the art of engaging people and you’d be leveraging an audience that they have already established over time.
A great way to find an influencer that’s right for your business is by doing some research on social platforms.
Keep in mind that any influencer you choose to work with might already have a bunch of pending message requests.
To pique their interest, offer them something first. You can offer anything that can help their business grow. By doing that, you can stand out in a list of people that want to collaborate but don’t know how to approach influencers.

Be Consistent

Consistency keeps you connected with your target customers. People tend to trust brands that consistently add value to their lives.
You don’t want to let a bunch of your hard-earned audience go because you couldn’t be more consistent.
You can create a schedule so that your audience knows when you are going live next. Try not to desert them as it can have a negative effect on your business reputation.
If you can’t keep up with a set schedule, let your audience know about it. The idea is to keep them in the loop so that they don’t forget you.

Have a Helping Hand

Although livestreaming isn’t actually a two-person job, a helping hand can make sure everything goes as planned.
See, even if you are tech-savvy, a minor unanticipated fault in any piece of equipment will distract you from your goal.
Plus, you might also need someone to read your audience’s comments and help you interact with them more effectively.

Don’t be a Perfectionist

It’s important to realize that your livestream doesn’t have to go “perfectly” to be successful. The beauty of livestreaming is that it shows the human aspect of your brand.  
A more human-to-human interaction helps you build a stronger bond with your prospects. Aiming for perfection can easily lead to inaction.  
So, the right approach is to make sure you check all the boxes and execute your livestream. Take your mistakes as stepping stones to improvement.

Use the Right Software

Going with the right livestream software is a must to get the most out of your livestreams. The right software is the one that lets you have good control over your audience data.
Plus, it should be easy to use as well. While you can use a social media platform like Facebook to carry out your livestreams, it would not be a good long-term strategy.
A dedicated livestream software is what you need to keep things professional and more effective.
Fortunately, Jumble has its own livestream software that’s not only easy to use but also allows good control to the user.
So, if you are thinking of starting a livestream for your brand or want to shift to a more effective tool, start your journey from here.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are struggling to get new customers or want to scale your business, livestreaming is an effective way to achieve your goals.  
Arguably the most important aspect of livestreaming for business is planning. It would be virtually impossible to move in the right direction without a clear and sound plan.
You also don’t want to lose your hard-earned audience due to weak content. Your livestream content should be engaging and powerful.
And, working with an influencer can help you deliver the right content in the right way. See, they know what they are doing.
Let’s list the key takeaways from this post.


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