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The best resale apps to help you declutter your closet

Maybe you’ve indulged in a little too much online shopping during the pandemic. Perhaps you’re trying to Marie Kondo your life. There’s a dozen different reasons why you might want to get rid of some of the clutter sitting around in your closet. After all, that’s money going to waste. We’re all becoming more aware of the dangers of fast fashion and the role we all have to play in making the industry more sustainable. It’s just as much about what we do with our clothes at the end of their life that matters as the clothes themselves. Instead of sending your clothes to landfill, you can put them for sale on one of these resale apps.


Depop is everyone’s favourite fashion resale app. The app plays host to thousands of small businesses and vintage resellers who are making a small fortune by selling second-hand clothing. If you’re looking to find the fashionistas, most of them are on Depop. You might be able to get a little more cash for your clothing if you use Depop.


The tried and tested resale app will always be eBay. While you can certainly sell clothing on there, it’s the best choice for you if you’re having a general declutter. You can list your clothing alongside anything else you’re detoxing from your life. You can enjoy the convenience of keeping all your online listings in one spot so they’re easier to keep track of.

Facebook Marketplace

Sometimes, you don’t want to go through the hassle of packaging and shipping orders. After all, you have to make sure you accurately work out the price of shipping and the other person could always end up wanting to return their items. Using Facebook Marketplace allows you to list your clothing to people in your community who can meet up with you to collect the clothing in person. This method makes it a little less risky and you don’t have to worry about additional fees.


Everyone lives on Instagram, looking at what everyone else is wearing. If you’ve got an Instagram following, you could also promote your unwanted clothing on your Instagram stories. If you’ve got an extensive collection of pieces to sell, you might even consider opening a second Instagram account to use as your own fashion marketplace. If you’re selling on Instagram, you’ll want to make sure all your buyers pay for their goods via PayPal to give you both a layer of protection for the transaction.


You’ve likely seen ads for Vinted all over your social media channels. The app is user-friendly with over 34 million people selling their used clothing on the app.  With such a larger user based, you’re guaranteed to find someone who will buy your pre-loved clothing. It’s the perfect way to make some extra cash, especially as you can list your items for free. Vinted also offers a zero selling fees policy, meaning you keep more of your money than you would on any of the other apps.

Are you going to spring clean your closet? Have you ever used any of these apps? Which one is your favourite?

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